Who We Are

YarnBiz is a B2B e-commerce yarn marketplace for Yarn. Manufacturers and Buyers of Yarn can find each other on this platform and can engage in business with ease. The vision behind YarnBiz is: to provide a platform (or marketplace) that connects the yarn industry. To make it convenient for Yarn buyers and yarn sellers in India to connect to new customers.

We provide a user friendly and market-oriented interface for yarn buyers and yarn sellers alike, while keeping in mind the transaction necessities of both ends. As we strive to add colors to the outmoded Yarn industry, we only urge you to join the journey with us as we promise to elevate your business on the way.

What We Do

At YarnBiz we have studied and analyzed the Yarn marketplace in India for decades and equipped with the expertise and experience we now push forward the boundaries endeavoring new ventures in the yarn industry by exposing the traditional traders and yarn buyers to the online way of trading.

While we inculcate traders from across the country to list their products on our platform our marketing team makes sure the accumulated supply is met with an adequate demand. Apart from maintaining the algorithms of economics we strive to build trust and conserve integrity amongst the yarn buyers and yarn sellers dealing across our platform.

Who We Support

Yarn Traders across the industry struggle for attaining the delivery deadlines and routing buyers for their stock and similarly yarn buyers are always on a hunt for best yarn sellers who are equipped enough to fulfill their requirements. We have observed this situation for a while and we understand the drawbacks of the yarn industry. Thus, to uplift the yarn market in India, we have Yarnbiz, an online yarn marketplace that provides you ease of business and systematic organisation in your business.

We at YarnBiz thrive to clear the ambiguity in the market and support yarn buyers and sellers alike to eliminate all the strains due to inappropriate communications and logistic related obstacles, by providing customer centric services like door-to-door deliveries and online order tracking for both the yarn buyers as well as yarn sellers. Our team will be introducing credit facilities as well at very generous rates in order to cut out inconveniences of yarn buyers as well occurred by the restriction of finances.

Hence, we do what we say and count on people who are ready to do business with transparent policies and on genuine terms.