Buyer Terms & Conditions

Your Account
  • User is responsible to protect the password and other confidential details in order to prevent any unauthorized access to their account.
  • Any activity that takes place under any user’s account is entirely the responsibility of that particular user.
  • User must ensure that the password is kept secured.
  • User is expected to contact us immediately if any unusual activity is observed on their account
Buyer Account
  • Post registration Buyer can view his Profile details in My Account section & edit mandatory fields to complete profile & build buyer trust on Nimbark
  • Buyer can complete KYC in this section if skipped initially. Buyer status is “KYC Pending” until KYC Completion is done. Once completed its changed to “Approved” & can perform relevant activities.
  • Buyer admin can create max 5 sub roles for managing different functions pertinent to business.
  • Sub-user permissions and restriction placeholder list will be provided to Seller who can decide which sub user gets what access.
  • The protection of the personal information shared by the user is ensured by us.
Platform for Communication
  • YarnBiz is only a platform which enables the buyer to buy products and the seller to sell their products and we have no control over the transactions that take place on the platform.
Access to YarnBiz
  • The user will have uninterrupted and error-free access to the website. However, it will be dependent on the internet.
  • The access might be removed from time to time for the maintenance of the website or for bringing about new features on the website.
Licence for website access
  • If any user is given a limited license to access the website by Bizmart Ventures Pvt. Ltd., the user must not make any changes to the website without the permission of Bizmart Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
User’s Conduct
  • The user must not use the website in such a way that it may harm, damage or interrupt the website.
Reviews, Suggestions and Communications
  • The reviews, suggestions and other communication sent through the platform should not be against the law, should not contain the use of abusive language and should not be threatening to the buyer or the seller.
Claims against Objectionable Content
  • It must be brought to our notice immediately if any user finds any content on the website that is offensive, abusive, obscene, pornographic, pedophilic, blasphemous or invades someone’s privacy.
  • All the content available on the website such as texts, images, logos belongs to Bizmart Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
  • No user must copy and use any of this data in any way.
Intellectual Property Claims
  • Bizmart Ventures Pvt. Ltd. respects the intellectual property of its users.
  • If the user has concerns regarding the same, they can reach out to us at
  • YarnBiz, YarnBiz Logo, The Cone & Dot, Bizmart, Bizmart Ventures Pvt. Ltd. are the registered trademarks of Bizmart Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
  • The user must acknowledge that any transactions that they make through the website are carried out at their own risk
  • YarnBiz shall not be held liable under any circumstances if any damage or loss is incurred to the user by the use of this website or by relying entirely on the information available on the website.
Indemnity and Release
  • The user shall indemnify Bizmart Ventures Pvt. Ltd. just in case they are penalized for violating any rules or regulations.
  • Bizmart Ventures Pvt. Ltd. must not be held liable and must be released from any financial damage for any actions of the user.
  • TOnly people above the age of 18 i.e. those who can form a legally binding contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872 can use YarnBiz.
  • People under the age of 18 can use YarnBiz under the guidance of a parent or a guardian.
  • User is required to provide a valid phone number and contact details in order to communicate with us.
  • Emails, phone calls or SMS or any other mode of communication can be used to communicate with the user.
  • YarnBiz is not responsible for any losses incurred by cancellation of an order for both buyers and sellers.
Alteration of Service or Amendments to the Conditions
  • The user will be subjected to any changes made to the website.
  • However, if those changes need to be removed or edited, that will be done immediately.
  • If any of the changes made are declared invalid for any reasons, those changes will be removed.
  • If Buyer does not complete the payment within 2 Hours, the order is cancelled. Buyer rating is downgraded. 3 such instances (in a calendar year) and Buyer is blacklisted.
  • No cancelation post-dispatch of order.
In Case of Advance Orders
  • If order is cancelled before making advance payment: INR.500 Penalty.
  • If Buyer cancels after he has paid advance, he will not get any refund.
Events beyond our control
  • YarnBiz will not be responsible if there is any failure in fulfilling the obligations of the user when the reason for the failure is not under our control.
  • If the user violates any of these Terms & Conditions and it remains unnoticed, YarnBiz will still be entitled to take severe actions against it if any violation occurs in future.
Governing Law and Jurisdiction
  • These conditions are governed by the law of India and are formed in accordance with the same.
  • You agree, as we do, to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbai.
Our Details
  • For any information you can contact us at
Customer Complaint Details
  • User can contact us at regarding any complaint.
YarnBiz Software Terms
  • The terms found above apply to any software that is made available to you in connection with Bizmart Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
Types of Disputes
  1. Weight Discrepancy - Short Weight.
  2. Buyer should raise complaint within 12 Hours of receipt of order.

  3. Product Damage – Damaged Bags or Boxes
  4. Buyer should raise complaint within 12 Hours of receipt of order.

  5. Quality Discrepancy – Not as per test report
  6. Buyer should raise complaint within 7days of receipt of order.

  7. Breakages / Cross Windings (Loom)
  8. Buyer should raise complaint within 7days of receipt of order.

  9. 2 Yarn Mix Dispute
  10. Buyer should raise complaint within 7days of receipt of order.

  11. Quality issue noticed while weaving.
  12. Buyer should raise complaint within 7days of receipt of order.

  13. Final Fabric variation / Quality issue post-production
  14. Complaint to be received within 30 days of receipt of order

Buyer to send photographs and
videos of the shortfall along
with bag details and other
details. YarnBiz team to take

YarnBiz Technical Expert to visit
and check and submit detailed
report with finding. Decision to
be taken according to the

YarnBiz has an Arbitration
Committee that will study the
complaint, get samples and
other details from buyer, and
take a Decision.