Digital Trends in Yarn Industry

Can there be Digital trends in the Yarn Industry?

The history of the Indian Yarn industry has been quite fascinating. The Indian textile industry has been well-known to the world since very ancient times. The traditional textile industry of India went to ruins during the colonial regime and currently, the textile industry of India has been the pride of our country ever since.

The Textile Industry began its journey in India in the early 19th century. Since its inception, the industry has seen significant trends across areas like quality, diversification, profitability, growth etc.

The one aspect in which the Indian Textile industry is still considered obsolete is technology. There have surely been some groundbreaking trends in terms of technology too. For example, the Yarn industry is seeing constant technical growth in Yarn production. The manufacturers have now become more consumer-oriented and are giving higher importance to the customization and personalization of their products. And, with the technology and machinery supporting their vision, they’re focusing a great deal on customized products. Hence, it is incorrect to say that there hasn’t been any growth or trend in the technological aspects of the Yarn industry. Yet most of those technological trends have been related to the manufacturing process.

The main reason why the Yarn industry and marketplace of India are considered obsolete is that there hasn’t been any significant digital transformation in the processing and distribution of Yarn. Surely, these days companies tend to focus more on their digital presence to market their business to potential customers. But the fact remains that there’s no significant digital marketplace for the buyers and sellers of Yarn. Thus, even though it is considered the Modern Yarn industry, the buyers, sellers, manufacturers, and suppliers have to do all their dealings in a traditional way only, which is, on phone calls or through face-to-face meetings. One other problem with this “non-digital” method is that one can only choose from a few parties as getting in touch with all the buyers or sellers is near impossible. All these problems have stayed with the Yarn industry since its very inception. It’s fairly significant, now more than ever, to upgrade and upscale the standard of operations in the industry. It is time to embrace technology and work smartly in the heritage Textile Industry of India.

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The Yarn industry of India has been a crucial part of the country’s growth. To revolutionize the industry and make it sustainable for future generations to be in the business, it’s time we embrace the revolution of digitalization. It’s time we go digital. It’s time to switch to YarnBiz!!