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  1. US Ban on China Cotton Hurting India's Yarn Spinning Industry

    US Ban on China Cotton Hurting India's Yarn Spinning Industry

    US Ban on China Cotton Hurting India's Yarn Spinning Industry

    When looked at historically, India has always been a big player in the global textiles market. With only China as India’s biggest competitor, the nation has enjoyed a dominant position in the market. But over the year 2022, when it comes to synthetic fibres and especially yarn production, India has observed a significant decline in sales and production.

    To trace the state of the yarn spinning industry in India today, we need to understand its situation in the previous year. It began late last year when the United States of America President Joe Biden signed a law that banned the import of cotton products from China, particularly the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The X

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  2. Digital Trends in Yarn Industry

    Digital Trends in Yarn Industry

    Can there be Digital trends in the Yarn Industry?

    The history of the Indian Yarn industry has been quite fascinating. The Indian textile industry has been well-known to the world since very ancient times. The traditional textile industry of India went to ruins during the colonial regime and currently, the textile industry of India has been the pride of our country ever since.

    The Textile Industry began its journey in India in the early 19th century. Since its inception, the industry has seen significant trends across areas like quality, diversification, profitability, growth etc.

    The one aspect in which the Indian Textile industry is still considered obsolete is technology. There have surely been some groundbreaking trends in terms of technology too. For example, the Yarn industry is seeing constant technical growth in Yarn production. The manufacturers have now become more consumer-oriented and are giving

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  3. Different Types of Yarn to Buy in India

    Different Types of Yarn to Buy in India

    Different types of Yarn that you can buy in India

    India is known for its rich heritage of weaving. India holds a rank in global yarn production. The Yarn produced in India is praised and demanded globally. Yarn is the ingredient that gives us different types of fabric to wear. In textile production, Yarns are the fibers twisted together to create a fine cord, apt for use in most of the processes for the production of textiles. It is used in a variety of processes to produce textiles. There are several types of Yarn varied according to their thicknesses, shapes, source, and their use.

    There are two main categories in which Yarn is divided which are then subdivided into several other categories.

    1. Spun or Staple Yarn
    2. Filament Yarn


    A type of yarn made by spinning spindles at very high speeds to twist the

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  4. Introduction of YarnBiz to Yarn Buyers & Sellers

    Introduction of YarnBiz to Yarn Buyers & Sellers

    Introduction of YarnBiz to Yarn Buyers & Sellers

    YarnBiz is a B2B e-commerce marketplace for Yarn. Manufacturers and Buyers of Yarn can find each other on this platform and can engage in business with ease. The vision behind YarnBiz is: to provide a platform (or marketplace) that connects the yarn industry. To make it convenient for Yarn buyers and sellers to connect to new customers and run the business on auto-mode via YarnBiz.

    Currently, most of the Yarn business is done through traditional methods i.e., on calls or face-to-face meetings, which consume a lot of energy and time. YarnBiz aims to bridge the gaps in the industry, through technological innovation, ease of business, and comfort of door-to-door delivery. With the help of YarnBiz, the buyers and sellers of Yarn can bring their operations online and sell or buy

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  5. YarnBiz Marketplace

    YarnBiz Marketplace

    YarnBiz Marketplace

    Easy to Learn, Easy to Use & the Most Advanced

    Since the beginning of the civilized-human era, Yarn has been of great significance. Yarn provided civilization with the clothes to wear which has been one of the few things that have survived the passage of time over centuries and centuries.

    The Indian Yarn industry has been one of the oldest Yarn industries in the world. India’s Yarn history goes as far back as 1500 B.C. From then to now, our nation’s Yarn market and Industry have come a long way. India’s Yarn era is divided into two types of Yarn industry: the Traditional Yarn/Textile Industry and the Modern Yarn Industry.

    The first Indian textile mill was established in 1818, marking the beginning of the modern yarn industry in India. Today, it’s been more than 200 years since the inception of the Modern Yarn Industry in India, and in these two hundred years, the Yarn Industry has wit

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