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Since the beginning of the civilized-human era, Yarn has been of great significance. Yarn provided civilization with the clothes to wear which has been one of the few things that have survived the passage of time over centuries and centuries.

The Indian Yarn industry has been one of the oldest Yarn industries in the world. India’s Yarn history goes as far back as 1500 B.C. From then to now, our nation’s Yarn market and Industry have come a long way. India’s Yarn era is divided into two types of Yarn industry: the Traditional Yarn/Textile Industry and the Modern Yarn Industry.

The first Indian textile mill was established in 1818, marking the beginning of the modern yarn industry in India. Today, it’s been more than 200 years since the inception of the Modern Yarn Industry in India, and in these two hundred years, the Yarn Industry has witnessed several advancements and milestones.

Even after so many advancements and milestones, what India’s Yarn industry lacks is the technological and digital revolution. It’s the 21st century- everything’s done online. Even the whole share market is inside your pocket. That, unfortunately, isn’t the case with our Yarn market. Even today, if someone wishes to enter the Yarn market, they’re supposed to get all the information about all the interested parties manually and then have to do all the transactions in person or on call. Although this technique has been age-old, it tends to consume a lot of energy, money, and time of the person doing the business.

It’s time for a digital revolution. It’s time to do it all conveniently and effectively but securely. It’s time to do it with YarnBiz.

YarnBiz is the digital solution for all your Yarn needs. YarnBiz is a B2B e-commerce marketplace that connects yarn manufacturers and yarn buyers on an innovative technology platform for them to buy and procure yarn in bulk with ease.

YarnBiz aims to provide a convenient means of buying and selling yarn which would benefit thousands of yarn suppliers, yarn buyers, and sellers across the country.

Now naturally, the question that arises in most of our minds is: WHY YARNBIZ?

Because with YarnBiz, you can grow your business. How?

With the YarnBiz website, you can register yourself as the Yarn Buyer or seller and can take your Yarn business online. Taking it online would not only be convenient for you but it will also let you connect with the buyers and sellers of Yarn across the country. Along with this, YarnBiz provides you with several other services like Secured payments, Market insights, Door-to-Door logistics, Trade financing, Customer support, Merchant protection, and many others.

With all these services at your bay, it is YarnBiz’s aim to take the wholesale Yarn marketplace of India to new heights where all the Yarn suppliers, buyers, sellers, and manufacturers can grow and can do their business with convenience and ease.

Additionally, YarnBiz is created keeping in mind the fact that technology should assist and not make it even more difficult for you. Registering with YarnBiz is very easy and can be done in a few simple steps. Operating YarnBiz is even easier and if one ever faces a difficulty, there’s always YarnBiz’s customer support system to help out. Apart from its simplicity, YarnBiz is a highly advanced digital platform that provides you with a secured payment system and door-to-door logistics and tracking services.

It’s time for you to choose what’s best for your Yarn business. It’s time for you to “Grow it with YarnBiz!”